Let's Put Kidz First
This Christmas!

Let's give every disabled and sick child in South Auckland a gift to put under the tree.

I’m teaming up with Middlemore Foundation to make sure that kids like Luca get a Christmas gift, and if they need one, a fresh BBM Food Share Pack. Help us by adding a decoration to our Christmas tree below.

Families in South Auckland have been doing it tough recently, and this Christmas will be hard, even more so for families with disabled or sick children.

Decorate our tree and give a disabled or sick child the Christmas they deserve.


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  • Auckland South Corrections just donated $500
  • Katie just donated $26.38
  • Rose just donated $52.75
  • Graham just donated $52.75
  • Bill just donated $158.25
  • Deryn just donated $26.38
  • Bridget just donated $26.38
  • Ronja just donated $25
  • courtney just donated $26.38
  • Irene just donated $52.75
  • Lyn just donated $31.65
  • Sue just donated $26.38
  • Julie just donated $400
  • Kathryn just donated $52.75
  • Chrome just donated $2.54
  • Matt just donated $52.75
  • Melanie just donated $52.75
  • Margaret just donated $100
  • Jane just donated $520
  • Julie just donated $2,500

How It Works

1. Gift a Donation

Gift a Christmas donation to a disabled or sick child.

2. Decorate Our Tree

Once you make your donation, it will automatically appear on our Christmas tree with your name and personalised message.

3. You've put Kidz First!

Your donation has helped give a disabled or sick child the Christmas they deserve.

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